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Kohlefaserbass! Wie ist die akzeptanz? <

wich bow to choose?

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peter Profilseite von , 25.06.2003, 11:07:29
wich bow to choose?
Sorry,I dont speak german but I need help.I play in orchestra and they decided to buy a good bow for me,but I can`t choose between following three:Doeling,Pfretzschner and Doerfler.I need orchestral bow - Viena frog style with atributes such as good spiccatto and fine contact with the
Please advise me and add some suggestions-other
If its possible, respond me in english.


Neuester Beitrag FeliceIlBasso Profilseite von FeliceIlBasso, 15.07.2003, 21:04:27
I own a carbon-fibre made bass bow "CONCERT" made by ALG, Marseille, France. I never played a better bow then this one! The homepage is: If you have any question, please mail me:
Kohlefaserbass! Wie ist die akzeptanz? <Zurück zur Liste> Aushilfe gesucht

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