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pinga Profilseite von , 09.03.2008, 10:45:09
a blog event hosted by There are still more men than women among double bassists. Why? Women are still widely supposed not to have enough power for the instrument. Those daring girls who still play double bass mostly have to adapt to a environment dominated by men. That is what made me think: why shouldn´t we call out a BASS GIRLS´ day every month? It is no shame showing you are a woman, even if you play the bass! What is wrong about looking pretty and wearing pink clothes sometimes? Can you understand that? How men would be bored if there were no nice-looking women sitting next to them on the orchestral chairs...:-) So I invite everyone to take part in the BASS GIRLS´ blog event: This month´s girls´ day is march 12. On that day, you are invited to show your sympathy to woman bass players by posting something PINK or ROSE on your double bass page. If you wish to take part, just write a mail to suonoreale (et) and copy the little picture to your page. The idea is that on that day, on many double bass sites will popping out something girly to show people that bass playing can also be feminine!
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