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women and double bass

> Geoff Larson from USA needs Upright bass for Hamburg

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Malgosia Profilseite von , 30.04.2006, 13:41:10
women and double bass
To Mrs Nina Polaschegg

Dear Mrs,

Mrs Irena Olkiewicz gave me your e-mail saying that you may help me.

My name is Malgorzata Kolcz. I am a student of double bass performance at the Academy of Music in Gdansk (Poland). This is my last year of study and that is why I am writing a thesis about women and double basses.

My question is if you can somehow help me to find interesting women - solo players, leaders of groups in orchestras, composers or professors.

I would be very grateful for any information. If it is possible to meet you personally I will be very happy because 5-7.05 I am vistiting Hamburg with an ensemble of our Academy.

with best greetings

abc Profilseite von , 01.05.2006, 00:43:05
Christian Klein Profilseite von , 01.05.2006, 02:39:26
Joëlle Léandre

(a special friend of mine ;-)
Malgosia Profilseite von , 02.05.2006, 11:00:30
Hey :))

Thank you all for these interesting addresses. I will be grateful for any onthers.

best greetings for all bassmen and basswomen
hornhaut Profilseite von , 03.05.2006, 12:06:17
Neuester Beitrag abc Profilseite von , 03.05.2006, 12:34:58
zum- lesen-link <Zurück zur Liste> Geoff Larson from USA needs Upright bass for Hamburg

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