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wer kennt diesen bassbauer <


> Was ist ein "echter" Pfretzschner?

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perseus Profilseite von perseus, 09.04.2007, 10:42:46


Who know this Bass Maker from Hungary?Would you please tell me about this maker? Thanks!

Bassist14 Profilseite von Bassist14, 09.04.2007, 14:53:55

maybe this helps you a little bit: ... goryZ16222QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

or was this the reason for your question?

perseus Profilseite von perseus, 09.04.2007, 16:52:14

Thanks! Bassist14,

But I'm not content. I know the bass from ebay and also from GEBA. I had also a Mogyorossy bass in few years ago.

I want know the Life of this maker.When and Where did he worked? I can't find him in dictionarys by Luetgendorff, or Vannes, or Jalovec,or Henley,or books by Elgar.Maybe someone can help me?

Bassist14 Profilseite von Bassist14, 09.04.2007, 23:02:00

maybe you could ask the ebay-seller?

gkostic_bass Profilseite von gkostic_bass, 09.02.2008, 22:03:02


violin maker Gyula Mogyorossy worked at the beginning of 20th century in Budapest, Hungary. Was one of the biggest instrument collectors of the time. There are speculations if he really was a luthier, but according to many luthiers, he never built instruments (at least not double basses), he only collected them from hungarian luthiers. Nevertheless, he had a pretty bad habit to engrave his own name on every instrument he led his hands on. As a consequence, there are lot of double basses wearing his signature (rarely in original state), although the quality of "his" double basses is very good; I personally saw a couple of very nice sounded ones, they had very fine and rich tone. Gamba-form (because of hight of upper shoulders pretty uncomfortable to play in mid position without a customised neck), E-flat neck, varnish usually in dark red or dark brown colour.

Hope this could help..

Ceperito Profilseite von Ceperito, 09.02.2008, 22:16:51

"Hope this could help..."

Of course! Thank you for your information which was obviously not possible to get anywhere.

Kindest regards


Neuester Beitrag Henk Jansen Profilseite von , 18.06.2009, 03:32:13
Hello gkostic, I own a Mogyorossy tarogato. Is it the same story and part of his collection on which he put his stamp? It is a very beautiful (although also very basic) instrument, made of beautiful wood (cocobolo?). What is the source of your history of Mogyorossy? I would like using it on my webpage Kind regards, Henk Jansen
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