Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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So you want to make a Double Bass

Autor: Peter Chandler

Kategorie: Kontrabassbau und -geschichte

Preis: 60 US$ + shipping

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available at Luscombe Violins

“By following the instructions in ‘So you want to make a Double bass’, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry tools and their use should be able to make a playable bass. Instrument making is, in my opinion, less exacting than furniture making as curved lines are more forgiving than straight lines. Preparation of workshop and tools needed are discussed in chapter one. Details of making the four main parts - neck, scroll, rib assembly, front and back - are each allotted a chapter as are my varnishing process and set up. The final chapter describes my method of copying a bass….”


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