Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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Modern Walking Bass

Autor: Mike Richmond

Kategorie: Kontrabassmethodik
ISBN: 978-9995982447
Sprache: Englisch

Preis: £12.50

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Provides a contemporary rhythmic approach to the construction of modern and traditional jazz bass lines. Includes a systematic explanation of skips, ghost skips, slurs, pull-offs, ties, triplets, and syncopated rhythms. Detailed photographs show various combinations of left-hand and right-hand fingerings used to execute rhythmic embellishments. It also covers major and minor blues, chord substitution and chromatic alterations. Book, 81 pages

“A clear and well written study book that can provide many good examples of the techniques and concepts involved in contemporary bass playing.” - Dave Holland.

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