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Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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A New History of Double Bass

Autor: Paul Brun

Kategorie: Kontrabassbau und -geschichte
ISBN: 2951446101
Sprache: Englisch

Preis: $ 56

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2000, 2. Auflage, 58 Illustrationen

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Lemur Music, 26.08.2005

Edition 2, hardbound In this latest publication (year 2000) Paul Brun has re-examined many of the established ideas on the genealogy of the doublebass, its relationship with other members of the violin family and its links with the viol which has formed the basis of disputation and conjecture for many years. His findings throw new light on the role of the doublebass in the history of western stringed instruments. He has explored the difficulties of doublebass resarch, hampered as it is by conflicting terminology, and has unraveled the historical development of the instrument and its role as a true member of the violin family. His book dicusses every aspect of doublebass issues from variation in playing standards, different tuning systems, the development of the bow, strings and accessories, to biographical details of the great players of the past. Monsieur Brun has given us a comprehensive guide through the labyrinth of doublebass history, never letting go of the thread of common sense, and never failing to impress us with his scholarship and endeavor.

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