Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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Warwick Starbass pro série Korea 2012

Warwick’s Starbass features a semi-hollow Maple body that produces a full tone with a fat, warm low end. The bass’s Maple body provides bright tones that are tight and precise, with warm lows, crisp high, and exceptional clarity. The Maple neck produces a punchy tone with bright characteristics and provides firm lows, sizzling highs, and a snappy midrange attack. The Wenge Fingerboard makes the Warwick’s tone warm and sweet, smoothing out any sharpness. The fingerboard also provides the highs with some sparkle, the lows with some thickness, and opens up the mids.

The Starbass has a set of Vintage MEC single coil pickups that are made with alnico magnets to produce big, rich tones that are round and versatile. The neck pickups has a big, warm tone that’s thick and smooth with a good response. The bridge pickup has a more mellow tone than neck pickup, and offers sharp, pointy tones. The bass has passive Rockbass electronics, with a three way selector, and two knobs each for volume and tone.

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Year - 2012
Colour - Three Tone Sunburst
Body Finish - Gloss
Body Wood - Maple
Neck Finish - Gloss
Neck Wood - Maple
Fretboard - Wenge
Frets - 21
Scale Length - 34”
Weight - 9lbs10oz/4.3kgs
Electronics - Passive
Pickups - MEC Vintage Single Coil
Gigbag/Hardcase - Gigbag

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