Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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Jacquet with removable neck for sale


My Jacquet double-bass is for sale at Mathieu Millet workshop (Lille, France).

The bass is in top condition, with a removable neck (Atelier Marianne Ponz), an easy C-extension "put-in take-out" without modification on the scroll (made by Jacky Walraet), a second endpin hole for the Laborie-Rabbath wood-endpin (the original endpin block could be take out in order to lighten up the bass), a new bass bar (by Marianne Ponz), one modern bridge and a baroque one with a non-glued nut for the gut strings).

The string lenght is 106,5, back lenght is 115,5 cms, top is 53,5cms, low 66,5cms, 20,5cms depth

 More infos here :à-vendre

Asking price is 18000€

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Kategorie: Biete Kontrabässe
Standort: siehe Beschreibung Frankreich Lille
Preis: 18000 €
Anzeigentyp: Privat
Erstellt am 14.11.2022
Aktualisiert am 06.03.2023

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