Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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Electric Upright Bass MK mod.CLASSIC-P

Electric double bass MK new model CLASSIC-P passive(P), italian artisanal production and manufacture; for any info, contacts, additional photos please look up our website and contact us at the email on the site:

3/4 instrument
Keyboard in ebony
Neck in maple
Acoustic case: poplar (back, bands), fir (top)
Real bridge of the acoustic double bass 3/4 in maple
Diapason 104cm
Electronic piezo passive(P)
Brass mechanics
Adjustable action with appropriate screw behind the instrument
Removable frames in real size of the acoustic double bass
Retractable tip inside the instrument
Instrument padded case
Tripod to rest the instrument when not playing
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi orchestra medium 3/4 strings
Instrument length placed in custody about 145cm

We ship worldwide with always insured and traced package, please let us know your country and we will calculate the cost.

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Demos video at the following links:


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Kategorie: Biete E-Bässe und EUBs
Standort: Quiliano SV (Italy)
Preis: 3800 €
Anzeigentyp: Privat
Erstellt am 15.08.2018
Aktualisiert am 12.11.2021

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