Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

Gesellschaft der Bassisten in Deutschland

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K&K Golden Trinity bass mic + pre-amp/blender (for mixing mic+piezo)

This system adds a microphone to your (piezo-)pickup element and lets you make a mix (blend) between those two signals. This give you much control over the sound of your double bass: per concert or even per song/tune you can have a different balance between pickup and mic.

The system consists of:

  • the K&K Golden Trinity bass microphone,
  • the K&K Trinity Pro pre-amp/blender,
  • a stereo-jack cable (not in the photos, but is is included).

Everything in the system I am selling is brand new and unused in its original packaging. I only tested the components after the purchase. The system is doing nothing here because a project was cancelled.

Some characteristics:
- The microphone has a flexibele goosneneck. You place it behind the bridge, aimed at the bass top, or maybe more towards an f-hole.
- The male jack-plug goes into the output of your piezo-pickup or your slap-pickup.
- The female jack-plug goes behind the bridge, in between two strings. From there the signal travels through the included stereo-jack cable to the pre-amp/blender.
- On the pre-amp/blender you control the sound: per channel you can adjust the gain, tone and volume.
- The pre-amp/blender is powered by a 9V battery. The pre-amp/blender can be placed on your belt, on the tailpiece of your bass or on your amplifier.
- The pre-amp/blender has a regular mono-jack output, from there you connect to an amplifier or PA.

Bought at Gollihur in de USA. It comes complete with all documentation from K&K and Gollihur.

New price for the whole set was 275 euro, now for 180 euro. Shipping costs for registered shipping, with track&trace: 18 euro.
(I can give you an invoice for your tax deduction.)


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